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June 24, 2020 2 min read

Why Wanderlust is Everywhere

The definition from Merriam webster defines wanderlust as “a strong longing for wandering”. To wander, to explore, or to travel. The word itself is widespread all around social media. A lot of Millennials today are becoming more and more wanderlust. Here are some of the reasons why.

Digital Age

We live in a world where access to vast information is at a tap of our fingers. We can see so much of the world in this tiny box called smartphone, yet we are stuck in the same place. A picturesque view of the Carribean, with the white sand sparkling from the bright light of the Sun and the clear blue water, would tempt anyone into a vacation.


Burn out makes us wander

It can be exhausting to always give your best in your career or academics. The repetitiveness of the work can also be tiring and this is why we wander. We want to explore other possibilities, other cultures and different kinds of adventures. Anything that would make us forget stress. We want to break out of this emotionally taxing cycle, so we wander.


It’s the ‘wander’ of nature

Pun intended! Kidding aside, the fresh seabreeze and calmness of the beach is another reason why we wander. Sometimes, the climb to a mountain is a lot of work, but it’s the good kind of getting worked up. It feels so good when you get to the top and what greets you is a beautiful landscape that nature has to offer.


The wanderlust gene

According to Bustle, it is embedded in our genes to naturally be curious about travel or have an urge to travel. There have been studies way back in 2015 about the existence of the so-called ‘wanderlust gene’. The wanderlust gene was linked to restlessness and curiosity, which would drive us to explore and travel more.

Wanderlust could have been a thing before the millennial age. But today, it got popular because it was used in captions of aesthetically pleasing sights of nature and travel. As stated above, we get tempted and will continue to be tempted by the beautiful things we see on the Internet. So, we wander.

Jonas Chew
Jonas Chew